Town actions

At the beginning of a session resolve:
-Lodging payment.
-Burglary & Rumors.
-Town actions.

When leaving Suvid resolve:
-Starting weather: 1/6 chances of starting with bad conditions.

When returning to town resolve:
-Followers loyalty to see if they remain in service or leave.
-If follower remain: test morale to see if loyalty raise by 1.
-If PC gain a level: test loyalty to see if morale raise by 1.

At the end of the session resolve:
-If a disturbed zone or dungeon will change : roll for change 1/6 (+1 by expedition. At 6/6 the location stabilize) (new visit add +1).
Roll a d6 to determine how it changed:
1. L’orde ou le chaos gagne en importance.
2. Les relations entre les factions change.
3. Apparition ou disparition d’une faction.
4. Le comportement d’une faction change.
5. Une faction à un problème et désire donner une quête.
6. Évènement spécial créant un effet ou une location unique.


  • Poor inn: 1GP/LV
    Average inn: 5GP/LV
    Secure inn: 10GP/LV
    Rent property: 10GP/LV/Room
    Buy property: 1000GP/Room
    Own property: 1GP/LV/Room
    Outpost: 10GP/zoneLV/character
  • Extra (by LV):
    Stables: + 2GP
    Dogs: +1GP
    Luxury: +5GP ( + 1 morale & +1 burglary )
    Chain armors: +1GP ( or save for degradation at +1)
    Plate armors: +2GP ( or save for degradation at +1)
    Missile weapons ammo: +1GP ( to refill )
    Ration & torch: free refill.
  • Chance of burglary (-3d3x10% of gold) & free rumor:
    Poor inn: burglary 1/6, rumor 3/6
    Average inn: burglary 1/10, rumor 1/6
    Secure inn: burglary 1/20, rumor 1/10
    Property: burglary 1/12, rumor 1/6
    Outpost: zone encounter chance or 1/6 if fortified or secret.
  • Bank: protect again burglary at the cost of 10% deposed income.

PLAYERS actions in town:

  • Each player can buy or sell common items & take 1 action for:
    -Finding a special high quality merchant.
    -Finding a specialist for specific services.
    -Finding & recruiting followers or retainers.
    -Finding & changing inn.
    -Maintain a base camp.
    -Buy or rent a property.
    -Doing magic researches.
    -Looking for rumours (no test needed).

Special quality merchants or services:

  • When dealing whith them make a reaction roll: 2d6+CHA
    2: refuse to deal
    3-5: sell at x2, buy used goods at 1/5, buy treasures at 1/3
    6-8: sell at x1,5, buy used goods at 1/3, buy treasures at 1/2
    9-11: sell at x1, buy used goods at 1/2, buy treasures at 1
    12: sell at x0.75, buy used goods at 1, buy treasures at 1,5
  • Weapon quality: + 1 to hit or to damage.
    -High: cost x100, bonus 1x combat.
    -Superb: cost x300, bonus 2x combat.
    -Master: cost x500, bonus 3x combat.
  • Armor quality: – 1 on AC & resistant to degradation effect of critical hits (2/6).
    -High: cost x100, bonus 1x combat. Save vs critical: + 1
    -Superb: cost x300, bonus 2x combat. Save vs critical: + 2
    -Master: cost x500, bonus 3x combat. Save vs critical: + 3
  • Animal quality: +1HP/HD or +1HD or +1ML or +1DMG die size or +5 encumbrance or +10 combat MV.
    -Poor: cost 1/3, 2 inverted options.
    -High: cost x100, 1 option
    -Superb: cost x300, 2 options
    -Master: cost x500, 3 options

Rumours : 10GP by zone level + 1d10GP (open roll).
Choose a creature, location, dungeon or other element of the zone to receive a clue about it (roll on clue table).

  • GM make a secret roll:
    1: the information is totally wrong.
    2-3: the information is partially wrong.
    4-5: the information is accurate but partial.
    6: the information is totally accurate.

Town actions

The Northern Marches of Bylina Gwion